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Lesson 15. Ten-Point Presentation Primer > Take the Route to Success - Pg. 62

Ten-Point Presentation Primer 62 Point Ten: Evaluate Yourself After you finish a talk, take stock of your delivery. Evaluate your mastery of the three channels of communication. Don't criticize yourself. Begin by focusing on what you did right. Then look at areas where you may need improvement. Set goals for yourself. Perhaps you should try to double your vocal energy next time you speak. Solicit feedback from listeners who attended your presentation. Don't simply ask them whether they liked the talk. Most people will say yes because they don't want to offend you. But this tells you nothing. Instead, ask them to comment specifically on your use of eye contact, the clarity of your central message, your energy level, your visual aids, and so on. A little probing will often result in some useful feedback that will help you the next time you give a talk. The goal, of course, is to realize your full potential and become the best speaker you can be, to even receive a standing ovation when you finish your presentation. The 30-Second Recap In this lesson you learned about 10 points that can improve your delivery of a presentation.