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Lesson 15. Ten-Point Presentation Primer > Take the Route to Success - Pg. 60

Ten-Point Presentation Primer 60 It's easy to forget this technique and try to look at everyone. Don't; your talk won't be as powerful. Point Two: Open the Channels Many speakers focus on the words. They want to make sure that everything they say comes out just right. Studies reveal that what listeners remember most is not the words, but your delivery. Audiences are far more forgiving than you think. They will tolerate stumbles, pauses, and hesita- tions. So start your presentation by opening up all the channels--the verbal, the visual, and the vocal. Beginning with your hands locked together and your voice at the level of a dull monotone is no way to command the attention of your audience. Let them know at the outset that they're in the presence of a powerful speaker, one who commands authority. You undoubtedly know more about your sub- ject than they do. Speak with all the energy you can muster! Point Three: Create a Rhythm Unless your talk is extremely short, it's impossible to maintain a high level of energy throughout it. You'll be exhausted and your audience will be worn out, too. Good talks are like the tides that ebb and flow. Your energy should be high at the opening. This is the time to make a good first impression. High energy also helps dissipate your performance anxiety. Plain English Performance anxiety is that natural uneasiness we feel before performing any difficult task in front of other people.