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Lesson 7. Organize Your Material > Learn the Six Organizing Patterns - Pg. 31

Organize Your Material Building plans for the Atlanta region Acquisition plans for existing store chain in Tampa area Construction of new stores in Charlotte region New store openings in greater Houston 31 The News Reporter Approach In this organizational pattern, a speaker provides answers to the five Ws: who, what, when, where, why, and sometimes how. This pattern will seem very familiar to your listeners because they read newspaper and magazine articles and watch news reports on television. The what is often contained in the central message, and the rest of the presentation tries to answer the other questions. Central Message: --There is too much downtime because of smoking breaks. Points: Who: --Employees from every department are leaving their desks to smoke a cigarette. When: --These breaks are occurring at regular intervals throughout the day, more of them for people with a heavy cigarette-smoking habit. Where: --The smokers are congregating outside the building. Some of them must travel five floors to the smoking area. This extends their downtime. Why: --This is an important issue because we are losing too much productivity and something must be done about it. Tip