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Lesson 7. Organize Your Material > Learn the Six Organizing Patterns - Pg. 29

Organize Your Material 29 Central Message: --New, young managers are not remaining with our company for more than a year. There seem to be three reasons for this problem. Points: Eighty-hour work weeks Too much travel Compensation packages that are smaller than those our competitors offer Caution Lead with your best shot. In the whole-and-its-parts pattern, don't leave your most important point until last. Always present it first. In case any of your listeners need to leave before you finish, or lose interest in your talk partway through, at least they've heard your most impor- tant argument. Central Message: --We need to improve our tuition assistance program for employees. Points: Companies need a highly trained work force to be competitive in the marketplace. A good tuition assistance program encourages employees to broaden their skills so they can do more than one job, making them far more valuable to our organization. A generous program will enable us to retain more employees. An effective program will enhance the reputation of our organization, attracting a higher number of talented young people. Chronological Order