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Lesson 17. One-to-One Presentations > Know What Appeals to Your Listeners - Pg. 68

One-to-One Presentations 68 If you want your supervisor to fund your proposal, or a customer to buy your product, make sure they know what's in it for them (WIIFM). Sometimes, it even helps to lead off with this information and follow up with the central message. You're almost always guaranteed to get the listener's full attention. Know What Appeals to Your Listeners Your listener analysis is relatively easy in a one-to-one presentation. But if you get it wrong and don't know what kind of evidence is most likely to convince your listener of your position, you're probably not going to accomplish your goal. If the listener is a numbers person, include statistics. If he or she is likely to be impressed because a major competitor is doing the same thing, be sure to mention it. Always present your most impor- tant evidence early, in case you run out of time at the end. Some listeners need a picture to persuade them. One of the most effective visual aids is a Power- Point slide on your laptop computer. Keep the visual simple. Then, as you present it, follow the same approach that you would use in a formal presentation. Apply what you learned from earlier lessons: · Give the listener an overview of the visual aid. · Describe each of the details. · Don't talk to the visual, talk to the listener. Remember to only use visuals that can make your point better than you can do it orally. Caution Don't push the laptop computer to the listener's side of the desk; it may be interpreted as an invasion of his or her space. Keep the computer on your side of the desk and under your