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Lesson 17. One-to-One Presentations - Pg. 67

67 Chapter 17. One-to-One Presentations In this lesson you learn how to deliver one-to-one presentations. Most of us don't have the opportunity to deliver a stand-up presentation every day, or for that matter, even once a week. However, we do have plenty of occasions to speak one-to-one with coworkers: at the water fountain, in the cafeteria, or across the desk. Each is a situation for practicing the skills of effective communication. Suppose you come up with an idea for streamlining the operations in your unit. First you might decide to walk down the hallway and try it out on one of your colleagues. If your presentation is convincing and your colleague gives you a thumbs-up, you might then present the same proposal to your supervisor. When you talk to your supervisor, a clear, concise delivery is critically important. It's not only the best way to win approval for your proposal, it can enhance your image in the supervisor's eyes. Perhaps you regularly make sales presentations to describe new products or services. If you want to be successful, your message must be short and easy to understand, with plenty of benefits for