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Lesson 19. Make Meetings Matter > Define the Central Message - Pg. 75

Make Meetings Matter 75 Develop Your Meeting Plan The problem with most meetings is that they try to accomplish too much. A successful meeting focuses around a single main idea and a single goal. They should be contained in your central message. Define the Central Message The central message should be clear and stated in as few words as possible. Write it out for yourself before you do anything else. Everything that occurs at the meeting should be related to that single message. For more on central messages see Lesson 2, "Define the Central Message." Decide Who Should Attend Meetings frequently involve far too many people. The information discussed at the meeting may not be relevant to some of them and their input is not necessary to make a decision. Caution Meetings can easily grow unwieldy when too many people attend them. Limit your meetings to as few attendees as possible. Think carefully about who absolutely needs to be there, and leave everyone else out. To ensure that your central message is meaningful to the attendees, invite only those people who are essential and likely to benefit from being at the meeting. Prepare an Agenda