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Lesson 12. Make It Simple > Choose Your Words Carefully - Pg. 52

Make It Simple Big deem effect changes enumerate expiration finalize identical inception initial interface with magnitude optimum pursuant to subsequent transmit Simpler believe make changes count end finish same start first meet size best by, per next, later send Big designate employ evident facilitate function implement in order to in proximity in reference to methodology promulgate remuneration terminate utilize Simpler choose use clear help act, role carry out to near regarding method issue pay end use 52 Remove Nonwords from Your Talk Some speakers punctuate their presentations with nonwords, including: ah, um, and you know, between each thought. The constant use of such nonwords can become very distracting to listeners. One of the best ways to eliminate this problem is by practicing effective eye contact. Instead of saying um, pause between thoughts for a second of silence. Move your eyes from one listener to another, then start speaking again. You'll reduce the number of nonwords in your talk almost im- mediately.