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Lesson 12. Make It Simple - Pg. 49

49 Chapter 12. Make It Simple In this lesson you learn how to speak in clear, simple language so your audience will immediately comprehend your message. Political leaders often open themselves to criticism because they talk in doublespeak so no one can understand what they're saying. While these standards may be all that we expect from politicians, we should expect far more from ourselves whenever we give a business presentation. Our goal should always be to present even the most difficult ideas as clearly as possible. A formal presentation doesn't mean that you should resort to ponderous, $50 words that go over the heads of your listeners. Newspaper reporters are taught to write at a sixth-grade reading level, not because their entire audience is at that level, but so that readers can grasp the meaning of what they read quickly and easily. The same thing goes for your presentations. When good speakers phrase a sentence or select a word to deliver to their listeners, their guide is: keep it simple and short.