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Lesson 18. Listening > Become a Better Listener - Pg. 73

Listening 73 Perhaps two people in the audience are talking to each other while someone else is asking a ques- tion. One way to deal with the problem is to position yourself so that you can look at them; making eye contact with one of them may be enough to stop their conversation. If not, you might also say: "Excuse me, I can't quite hear the question." That's usually enough to handle the problem. Some distractions can be internal. As a listener is asking a question, you may be thinking about something else. Consequently, you may not hear the question and may give a response that's incomplete, or even completely irrelevant. This will reflect badly on you. Remember, often your presentation doesn't end until you've dealt with all the questions from your audience. So banish the distractions and don't start thinking about your next meeting before you've finished with the current one. Listening is a critical component of every successful talk. The 30-Second Recap In this lesson you learned about effective listening skills.