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Lesson 9. Interact with Audiences > Get Your Listeners Talking - Pg. 37

37 Chapter 9. Interact with Audiences In this lesson you learn how to increase audience participation. A children's book author was recently asked to address a group of young people and their parents on the subject of writing biography. The author decided not to deliver a lecture, which he thought would bore the audience. Instead he opened his talk with a few words about biography, then asked the children some questions. He wanted to involve them in the presentation as much as possible. The author began by asking them what interesting biographies they had read lately. Then he wanted them to tell him why they like biographies. He also knew that some of the children were writing their own biographies about family members, so he asked them to tell him about their research. At the end of the presentation, one of the parents came up to the author. "You know," she said, "that talk was just like having a conversation in your living room. Everybody had a chance to participate." Get Your Listeners Talking