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Lesson 16. Handling Questions and Answers - Pg. 63

63 Chapter 16. Handling Questions and Answers In this lesson you learn how to handle a question-and-answer session in a way that will impress your audience. The tall, gray-haired CEO had just completed a nearly flawless presentation about the company's reorganization plan. Then he opened the floor to questions. A listener in the front row put up his hand. "You've told us everything except what we want to know most of all," he said. "How many of us are going to lose our jobs in the reorganization?" The CEO attempted a smile but he was clearly uncomfortable. He tried to deal with the question, but his response sounded vague. The listener shot back. "You're not leveling with us. What are you trying to hide?" The CEO's face became flushed. He denied the listener's accusation and spoke in glowing terms about the upcoming changes and how they would improve the company. "I hope I've answered your question," he said.