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Lesson 6. Gather Your Evidence > Understand the Importance of Evidence - Pg. 24

24 Chapter 6. Gather Your Evidence In this lesson you learn how to collect material to support your central message. Where do business leaders get their information? Generally, it comes from reading great amounts of information, drawing on their own past experiences--successes as well as failures--and, perhaps most important, talking to many different people. For example, Michael Bonsignore, chairman and chief executive of Honeywell International, spends two weeks each year traveling to the company's plants and holding town meetings with employees. For Bonsignore and leaders like him, this information becomes the raw material for their presenta- tions. They know where to look for important, new ideas; how to organize this material logically; and how to present it persuasively to their audiences. Understand the Importance of Evidence If every talk consisted of only a central message and the meaning of the message, it would be very