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Lesson 5. Eye-Contact Communication > Get Feedback Through Eye Contact - Pg. 23

Eye-Contact Communication 23 Get Feedback Through Eye Contact Eye contact opens an important two-way channel of communication between you and your listeners. Not only can you communicate your interest in them, they can give you critical feedback on your performance as a presenter. Here are some of the signals to look for and what you can do in response: · Some listeners already have their eyelids at half-mast. --Your energy level is probably too low. Raise your visual and vocal energy. · Your listeners look confused after you explain a key point. --Your explanation or visual aid was probably not clear enough. Go over the information again. · A key decision-maker is shaking her head from side to side. --You obviously failed to convince this person. It's time to roll out a more persuasive argument. · Your supervisor starts reading his mail. --You're probably boring him. Maybe you can inject some information--an anecdote, for example--that will interest him. Or perhaps your talk has already gone on too long and you should bring it to a speedy close. · Your audience is watching you with rapt attention. --Great! Whatever you're doing is working well. Keep up the good work. Tip Plan ahead. Your audience analysis should help you figure out what will and won't work with your listeners. But sometimes you can be wrong, so prepare an additional story or slide or some backup statistical data to use if you're losing your listeners. Person-to-person eye contact is a way to get an instant evaluation from your listeners. You can read it in their eyes and in their body language. If what they're telling you is negative, you can often react