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Lesson 4. Energy for Effectiveness > Be Passionate to Be Persuasive - Pg. 19

Energy for Effectiveness 19 Who says business presentations are supposed to be this way? If you want to ensure that your audience tunes you out, speak in a monotone. It will have the same effect as listening to soothing music designed to lull you to sleep. A speaker I once heard had the kind of voice a hypnotist would use to put a patient in a trance. Unfortunately, when he delivered his key points, his audience was far too glassy-eyed to hear them. Caution If you're unfortunate enough to speak directly after lunch, you need to work even harder to keep your listeners awake. Don't speak in a monotone. You must use your voice to inject as much energy as possible into your talk. To keep your audience's attention and get your message across, use these elements in your vocal skill set: · Loudness. --You should raise and lower the level of your voice during your presentation. Varying the level helps ensure that your audience stays awake. By raising your voice, you can also add emphasis to important points. · Pacing. --Changing the pacing is another way to add interest to your presentation. Speak a little faster during one section, although not so fast, of course, that the audience can't follow you. Then slow down as you get to an important point. · Pausing. --Many good speakers have learned how to use pauses very effectively. As they reach a key statement, they pause just before delivering it. This keeps the audience wondering what's coming next. · Tone. --You can communicate volumes about the words you speak by the tone of voice you use. Tone can signify approval or disdain, enthusiasm or disappointment. Start strong, moderate your vocal energy in the body of the talk, and then end with the highest energy