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Lesson 4. Energy for Effectiveness > Use Visual Energy to Stimulate - Pg. 17

Energy for Effectiveness 17 Supply the Energy Computers Can't Computers are very versatile instruments that can deliver entire presentations, complete with mag- nificent visual aids. But there's at least one thing they can't do and you can: bring energy and en- thusiasm to a presentation. Unfortunately, many speakers seem to forget this fact. They spend all their time on the verbal com- ponent of a presentation--the words. Then they stand up and deliver their material in a boring monotone, with their eyes focused on the back wall instead of on the audience. They think that words alone, as long as they're clear and 100 percent accurate, will hold the interest of the listeners. Why not deliver the presentation via e-mail? It would have the same impact and save the speaker and the listeners a great deal of time. Tip Say it with energy. One of the best ways to add value as a presenter is to use energy when you deliver a talk. Energy makes all the difference between a boring presentation and an effective one because · Energy is the human touch that you bring as a speaker. · Energy gives the audience a reason for assembling and listening to you instead of reading a report about your topic. · Energy is one of the key differences between a great speaker and a mediocre one. · Energy will ensure that you, and your message, are remembered by the audience. Energy involves two of the skill sets that were introduced in Lesson 2, "Define the Central Mes-