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Lesson 4. Energy for Effectiveness > Speak with Energy - Pg. 16

16 Chapter 4. Energy for Effectiveness In this lesson you learn how to use energy to add power to your presentations. One of my colleagues, a communications consultant, serves on the board of a local nonprofit or- ganization. Recently he was asked to become a member of the fund-raising committee. Knowing next to nothing about fund-raising, he decided to take a course at a well-known training institute. The program was taught by a woman widely respected in philanthropic circles because she had raised millions of dollars for charity. My colleague arrived early in the morning and took his seat along with 20 other people from various charitable agencies in the area. Many of them were new to fund-raising, and they had come to learn the latest techniques from a recognized expert. The course was very well structured, the information based on the instructor's own fund-raising experiences. It was presented clearly, and it related directly to many of the issues my colleague was grappling with at his own organization. At first, all his attention was focused on the speaker, and he tried to learn as much as possible.