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Lesson 14. Dealing with the Details > Remember the Little Things - Pg. 58

Dealing with the Details 58 If you're using a microphone, try it out in advance to make sure it's operating properly. --It may be attached to a podium, or it may be a small, portable device that you can pin onto your clothing. Some microphones produce loud feedback, which interferes with your presentation; it can be very annoying when you're trying to speak. Adjust the microphone or, if you can't, ask an au- diovisual technician to provide a replacement. Remember the Little Things Don't overlook the details that go into planning a presentation. It's easy to become so involved in developing your message or preparing your visual aids that you forget about a little thing that's necessary to deliver them effectively. Remember to check those mundane details, such as when and where you're supposed to speak, the setup and size of the room, and the reliability of the equipment you'll be using. All these factors are essential to making your presentation a success. The 30-Second Recap In this lesson you learned about some important logistical considerations to remember whenever you give a presentation.