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Lesson 14. Dealing with the Details > Double-Check the Equipment - Pg. 57

Dealing with the Details 57 · How large is it? The room should be big enough to easily accommodate the number of partici- pants that are expected to attend your talk. If the room is too small, they'll be uncomfortable. · Where are the restrooms located? · Can I control the temperature? There's nothing worse than a room that's too hot or too cold, especially when there's nothing you can do about it. Ideally your room should have its own temperature controls that you can operate yourself. If not, you should know how to contact a service technician who can adjust the temperature in the room for you. · Will there be refreshments? If you're scheduled to give a lengthy presentation or a half-day workshop, you may want to take periodic breaks. When light refreshments are available near the workshop room, the breaks become far more enjoyable. Refreshments not only reinvigorate your audience, they can give you a renewed burst of energy to continue your presentation. · What is the seating arrangement? There are several ways to arrange the seating in a room. Some speakers want a classroom arrangement, with all the chairs in long rows. For a smaller group, you may prefer a few tables arranged in a more intimate U-shape. However, if you're planning team activities, separate tables with chairs grouped around them may be the best arrangement for your presentation. Have the room set up to your specifications in advance. Caution Keep your cool.Sometimes there's little you can do to change a room that doesn't meet your expectations. Explain the problem to your listeners and ask them to work with you to make the best of a difficult situation. There's no guarantee, of course, that the room conditions will always conform to your requests. But by arriving at your presentation substantially ahead of schedule, there may be time for you to make some adjustments; for example, changing the seating arrangement or finding a larger or smaller room if necessary. It will make the presentation far more pleasant for your listeners while giving you