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Lesson 14. Dealing with the Details - Pg. 56

56 Chapter 14. Dealing with the Details In this lesson you learn the importance of handling the logistics of your presentation: being on time, checking the audiovisual equipment, and arranging the room. All of us have probably experienced that momentary panic when we realize that we may not have left ourselves enough time to travel to an important appointment. Then we get caught in traffic, and we know that we'll be late. This is especially embarrassing if you're scheduled to speak at a large conference. There's nothing more nerve-racking than rushing into a room full of people who have been waiting impatiently for you to arrive. Your entire talk gets off on the wrong foot. Instead of beginning with a powerful opening, you're forced to apologize to your listeners for being late. One of the most important responsibilities of any speaker is knowing the schedule and keeping to it. Time Flies