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Lesson 8. Create Successful Presentation... > Close with a Call to Action - Pg. 36

Create Successful Presentations 36 After you finish with the second reason, summarize again and briefly recall the first reason, then you can continue with words like, "the third reason we need this facility is." Keep it simple and streamlined. If your speech becomes too complex or confusing, the listeners will probably stop paying attention. Tip The structure of your presentation should be as tight as possible, with no extraneous ideas or unnecessary points. Try to relate each summary to your central message. By telling your listeners what you plan to say and using frequent summaries, you can lead them gently to the conclusion of your presentation. Close with a Call to Action The closing of your presentation is often the last opportunity you'll have to make an impact on your listeners. You want that impression to be as powerful as possible, so here are the elements to build into your close: 1. 2. 3. End the presentation with as much energy as possible. Repeat your central message and the meaning of the message. If you want your listeners to do something after leaving your presentation, make sure to give them a call to action. Too often, meetings end without any of the participants knowing what the next step should be, or what they ought to do. As a result, meetings are often a waste of time and no action is ever taken. The call to action, which wraps up your talk, is just what it says. You ask the listeners to do something