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Lesson 8. Create Successful Presentations - Pg. 33

33 Chapter 8. Create Successful Presentations In this lesson you learn how to develop an effective opening, body, and close for your presentation. If your opening sentences are delivered in a dull monotone and they're dry as dust, the audience may decide that this is just another boring talk and they can think about something else. Hook the audience in your opening, and you can hold them in rapt attention through your entire presentation. Listeners should not be required to work hard to figure out what you're talking about. Ease your audience through the transition from the opening to the body of your presentation by summarizing points made in the opening and sketching the outline of the body. Your presentation shouldn't just end; close with a call to action and a specific follow-up agenda: "I'd like you to get back to me with your comments on my proposal by next Wednesday," or if you're making a financial request, direct it to the key decision-maker: "Can I look for your approval by the end of the week?" Every good presentation should be tightly structured. It should take listeners on a straight path from the opening, through the body, to the conclusion and a call for action. Follow the advice in this lesson and you'll have the keys to a successful presentation.