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Lesson 21. Continuous Improvement > Take Advantage of Volunteer Activities - Pg. 84

Continuous Improvement 84 Standing in a booth for an entire day gives you an opportunity to talk to a variety of people, one-to- one, or in small groups. In this situation you can use all your presentation skills. Take Advantage of Volunteer Activities One of the best things about volunteer activities is that they give you an opportunity to try something new in a low-risk situation. Your job and your future don't depend on your performance. Volunteering also gives you a chance to stretch yourself. You can experiment with an activity or work in a field that's far removed from your regular routine. If it turns out to be enjoyable, you can continue. If not, you can do something else. Volunteering often provides excellent opportunities to sharpen your speaking skills. You really have very little to lose when you · Introduce a guest speaker at a club luncheon. It's short, easy, and the spotlight is not on you, but on the speaker. · Work as a docent in a museum or historic site, giving tours. You can describe paintings and artifacts, and provide historical information to groups of visitors. Plain English A docent is a person being trained to become a teacher or guide. · · · · Read to groups of schoolchildren. You can practice your vocal and visual skills as you tell a story. Coach a sport and use your enthusiasm to motivate a team. Lead nature walks and describe the flora and fauna along the trail. Teach a course in your area of expertise at a local high school.