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Lesson 21. Continuous Improvement > Don't Hide: Speak - Pg. 83

Continuous Improvement 83 Raise your level of awareness as you talk to friends and family members. Each situation presents an opportunity for you to sharpen your skills. The more conscious you are of using the three communication channels on every occasion, the more likely you'll be to open them up when you give a stand-up presentation in front of a large audience. Don't Hide: Speak When your supervisor asks for a volunteer to give a presentation, don't shrink into a corner; use the opportunity to improve your presentation skills. Caution Don't shrink from agreeing to give a presentation when asked because the idea makes you anxious. Agree to do it, and if you immediately say to yourself, "What have I done?" well, you've just given yourself a chance to become a better speaker. There are many types of talks that you may be called on to deliver, and they're not all high-pressure situations. The Job Description This usually consists of describing your job, or what your functional area does, to a group of visiting customers, vendors, or others. It's a fairly low-risk presentation. All you have to do is talk about what you know best. The Team Presentation