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Lesson 1. Become an Effective Speaker > Learn the Presentation Skill Sets - Pg. 5

Become an Effective Speaker These are the basic guidelines that will ensure an effective presentation. 5 Learn the Presentation Skill Sets No matter what type of talk you give, there are three skill sets that you should always use. Together they will enable you to become a powerful speaker. These skill sets, known as the "three Vs," are verbal, visual, and vocal. Perfect Your Verbal Skills Most of our time in preparing for a talk is spent perfecting our verbal skills. These include Developing a clear message for the presentation. Making the presentation relevant to the audience. Analyzing your listeners. Outlining the main ideas. Gathering evidence to support your ideas. Organizing your information. Creating visual aids to present verbal information. Involving the listeners with open-ended questions. Holding a question-and-answer session. Your organization of the material makes the information easier to understand and more persuasive.