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Lesson 1. Become an Effective Speaker > Speak Powerfully on Any Occasion - Pg. 4

Become an Effective Speaker 4 · Relate the speaker's topic to the group. Explain how it's relevant to the listeners so they'll pay attention. · Describe the speaker. Discuss his or her qualifications to speak on the subject. · Tell the audience the speaker's name, and sit down. The speaker will be grateful, and so will the audience. Present Awards with Style You may be asked to speak at a retirement dinner or present an award to an individual or team for an outstanding accomplishment. Remember the following key guidelines: · · · · · Be brief but not so brief that you are too vague about the recipient's unique characteristics. Give legitimate, honest praise but don't overdo it. Specifically mention what the recipient has done and why the recognition is being given. Personalize your presentation so it doesn't sound as if it could apply to anyone. Prepare for your talk by gathering information about the recipient of the recognition or award. Tip Learn about the person you're recognizing from published information and from colleagues and friends. Giving recognition is an important role. These guidelines will ensure that you do it with distinction. Be an Organized Meeting Facilitator