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Lesson 13. Banish Those Butterflies - Pg. 53

53 Chapter 13. Banish Those Butterflies In this lesson you learn how to deal with stage fright when you give a speech. The CEO of a large communications firm once explained how she dealt with pressure situations, like standing up and giving formal presentations. As a child, she recalled, she played competitive tennis and somebody would always tell her, "You have such composure." At least that's how she looked on the outside. "Inside, I was dying, either because it's the beginning of a match and I'm so nervous I want to get sick, or I'm thinking, 'I'm about to lose this match in the third set.'" Through competitive sports, she added, "I learned how to manage the balance between the adre- naline, which is helpful, and the wanting to be sick." It's that burst of adrenaline that she still relies on to pump her up whenever she has to address a large group of people. Think of Butterflies as Adrenaline