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Lesson 13. Banish Those Butterflies > Think of Butterflies as Adrenaline - Pg. 55

Banish Those Butterflies 55 The opening, of course, is the most important part of the presentation. This is when you can least afford to sound nervous. Yet the beginning of a talk is also when you're most likely to feel unsettled. Arrive early to a presentation and meet a few of your listeners informally before the talk begins. You'll feel more at ease as you start to speak. Step Four: Unleash Your Energy The stress that comes from looking out at a large audience awaiting the start of your presentation unlocks adrenal energy in your system. It can take the form of sweaty palms and rubbery legs, or you can use that adrenaline far more productively. Simply channel it into your gestures and use it to increase your visual energy. Channeling adrenal energy accomplishes two things: It dissipates much of your nervousness, and it enables you to open the presentation with a high level of energy. That will capture the attention of your audience. Caution Don't let nervousness paralyze you. The vocal and visual energy you need in your opening will not be high enough. Unfortunately, this can create a poor impression with the audience and undermine the effectiveness of the entire presentation. If you're feeling nervous at the start of a talk, the last thing you may want to do is increase your energy level. It will probably take you out of your comfort zone. But raising your energy works. Use your gestures to emphasize key points and to describe important concepts in your talk. You'll be carried along on a high wave of enthusiasm that will immediately make you feel better while adding extra power to your presentation.