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Chapter 12. Whose Speech Is It, Anyway?:... > Words and More Words - Pg. 90

Whose Speech Is It, Anyway?: Speech Style 90 When it comes to writing a speech, never throw anything out the window. Just because you can't use something in the speech you have to write this very minute, doesn't mean you won't want to use it in the speech you have to write tomorrow. In this chapter, you'll learn how to write a winning speech. The following sections show you how to select the words that most accurately convey your meaning, suit your personal speaking style, and mesh with the audience and occasion. You'll discover that using words well depends on making good choices. I'll show you the advantages of using language that's simple, accurate, and appro- priate. Sometimes the choices are clearly right or wrong; other times, the choices are more subtle. As you'll find out, awareness of your purpose, audience, and situation will influence your choice of words. Words and More Words Speech of the Devil Give yourself and your audience a break: Keep the sentences short. Long, complex sentences are hard to read. There's more chance that you'll trip over long sentences, lose their rhythm and pacing, and make a hash out of the whole speech. Long sentences are also more difficult for the audience to follow.