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Chapter 12. Whose Speech Is It, Anyway?:... > A Final Word: Be True to Yourself - Pg. 98

Whose Speech Is It, Anyway?: Speech Style 98 They asked you to speak because, know it or not, you earned it. Do keep in mind that, generally speaking, your speech will be better if it deals with concrete stories, exam-ples, and illustrations that make sense coming from your month. And our speech will be even better if you use natural lan- guage, brief sentences, and vivid figures of speech. You're going to do just fine! The Least You Need to Know · Select the words and level of diction that suit the audience, purpose, and occasion. · Use the appropriate tone. · Avoid clichés, euphemisms, jargon, and sexist language. · Include colorful figures of speech and repetition. · Match your words to your personality. Remember, "To thine own self be true."