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Chapter 1. What Fresh Hell Is This? > Why We Feel Nervous About Public Speaking - Pg. 7

What Fresh Hell Is This? 7 Excuse #7: I'm too nervous--I'll drop dead from fear. If you weren't a little nervous about public speaking, you probably wouldn't be human. But after an exhaustive search of speech records, I've determined that no one has ever dropped dead from fear of speaking in public. (It was probably the rubber chicken that did it!) Chapter 2, "Stage Fright," covers ways to deal with jitters before a speech. You'll even learn how to make your fear work for you instead of against you. So relax. Excuse #8: I just had a root canal, and my lips are numb . See Excuse #3. This is lame, ladies and gentlemen. Who schedules a root canal before an important public speaking engagement? Class Act Stage fright is not altogether a bad thing: You can learn to use the jitters to your advantage. For example, nervousness can make you more animated, alert, and vibrant. Find out more in Chapter 2. Excuse #9: I will forget what I have to say. This is an easy one to fix. To help you remember what you want to say, just write out your speech. This is covered in Part 3. Excuse #10: My cat ate my speech. It's doubtful that would happen, but speeches do get lost more often than you would guess. Sometimes pets--or kids--eat them (or hide them). Speeches can vanish into the depths of briefcases, desk drawers, and car seats. I've even accidentally thrown out a speech! Part 5 covers steps you can take to make sure that you always have a copy of your speech