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Chapter 1. What Fresh Hell Is This? > Fright Night - Pg. 3

What Fresh Hell Is This? 3 The information in this chapter will help empower you to take positive steps to overcome any fears you may have about public speaking. This chapter helps give you the tools you need to realize that you can be an effective, powerful public speaker and that you can speak to large and small groups with confidence and skill. You Mean I Have to Get Up and Say Something? According to conservative estimates, about 5 million speeches are delivered in the United States every year. Out of all these speeches, about 1 million are delivered by and for business people. "Ah ha!" you shout. "I'm not in a business where I have to do a lot of talking. After all, I'm not a disk jockey, talk show host, teacher, or professional gossip." You should know, however, that if you're in the general work force, you're going to be doing some serious time as a public speaker. Following is a list of some of the careers for which oral communication skills are especially important: · · · · · · · · · Auctioneer Audiologist Librarian Manager Clergy person Physician Commentator Social worker Fund raiser