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Chapter 1. What Fresh Hell Is This? > Top Ten Excuses People Use to Avoid Publi... - Pg. 6

What Fresh Hell Is This? 6 Did I make my point? Every day, you end up speaking to dozens of people about dozens of things, whether you're shy or not. Excuse #2: I'll make a fool of myself in front of (a) friends, (b) family, (c) community members, or (d) business associates. Actually, the opposite response is much more likely: People will respect you for having the courage to speak in public. This goes back to what you discovered earlier in this chapter: People would rather die, drown, or be bitten by a rabid pooch than give a speech. Cross this excuse off, too. (See Chapter 4, "Do You Hear What I Hear?" and Chapter 5, "Common Com- munication Problems" for additional information.) Excuse #3: I have laryngitis. No matter how careful you are to avoid people with colds, you can get sick before a speech. Ever notice that you seem to get ill most often when you're under pressure? Often it's because you're not eating right or getting enough sleep. If you're like me, you get a little run down, and then--bang! You've got a whopper of a cold! Unfortunately, you often can't reschedule a speech--especially if it's a crucial business presenta- tion, awards ceremony, sales talk, or eulogy. What can you do? If you must speak while ill, or if you are simply worried about catching a bug, follow these steps: · First, recognize that preparing for and giving speeches is a pressure situation that can force you to neglect your health. · If you know that you must give an important speech on a specific day, take special care to eat properly and get sufficient sleep the week before. It's very important to rest up for the big day. · If possible, avoid people with colds and the flu. Wash your hands frequently; avoid touching your nose, eyes, and mouth; and take vitamin C. · Try to rest your voice as much as possible before the actual speech. This is one time I suggest that you don't rehearse your speech.