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Chapter 8. Types of Speeches > A-to-Z Speeches - Pg. 57

Types of Speeches 57 Class Act Many people think that entertaining speeches must be funny, and indeed many of them are. But they don't have to be funny--nearly anything that is interesting can be the basis of an entertaining speech. Speeches That Entertain Speeches that entertain fulfill a social need by promoting a feeling of social unity that draws people together. To accomplish this aim, you will most likely have to include elements of informative speeches: statistics, illustrations, and examples. For instance, a speech honoring community member Bob Schlob could discuss how he has taught a free writing program for 10 years, led the Boy Scout troop for 3 years, and donated 55 pints of blood in the past 10 years. Because these three different types of speeches often overlap, it's important for you to isolate and understand the primary purpose of your speech before you start writing it. For example, if your supervisor asks you to deliver the opening speech at the annual sales convention and you read the sales report to your audience, you haven't fulfilled the primary purpose of your speech (to persuade). Check out Part 3, "Writing Your Speech," for guidelines.