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Chapter 8. Types of Speeches > A-to-Z Speeches - Pg. 61

Types of Speeches 61 Presentation speeches can be thorny because they often pop up without much notice. Find out more about these speeches in Chapter 22. Process Analysis Talk Soup Process analysis, or "how to," speeches explain how to do something. Process analysis speeches tell and audience how to do something, such as how to change a tire, prepare the perfect rice-and-beans casserole, assemble a widget, and--that most difficult of all processes--program a VCR. These speeches often use transition words such as first, second, next, and finally, and they use numbered steps to make the process clearer. To explain a process, start by telling the audience why the procedure is important. Give an overview of the process by stating the steps you will be describing. Next, explain each step, one at a time. If possible, demonstrate (or illustrate) each step. And look carefully at your audience to make sure that they understand what you're saying. Finish by summarizing the steps again. This topic is cov- ered in depth in Part 4.