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Chapter 8. Types of Speeches > A-to-Z Speeches - Pg. 59

Types of Speeches 59 Incident Reports Ever witness a traffic accident? A robbery? A natural disaster? If so, you know how important reliable eyewitnesses can be when it comes to settling the matter quickly and fairly. If you are an eyewitness to an incident that must be reported to the authorities, present the facts as you saw them, without embellishment or commentary. Another aspect of reporting an incident is to understand cause-and-effect relationships. · The cause is why something happens. · The effect is what happens, the result. When you are called upon to report an incident to an authority, it's important to analyze the causes and effects. First, understand that causes come before effects. Second, realize that not all the events that came before the incident helped cause it. It's also important to remember that more than one cause can contribute to an effect--and if there are several causes, they may not contribute equally to an effect. Installation Ceremonies These speeches formally install people in offices such as president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. They're also important for inducting people in union offices and other types of positions. If you are the installee, express your appreciation for the honor and pledge to faithfully perform the duties of the office. If you are the installer, pay tribute to the person who is being honored. Such tributes are comprised of two elements: praise and good wishes for the task ahead. Call the person by name and offer specific reasons why he or she will be a fine officer.