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Chapter 8. Types of Speeches > A-to-Z Speeches - Pg. 58

Types of Speeches · Explain what benefit or pleasure you expect to reap as a result of receiving the gift. You can find more information about this type of speech in Chapter 22. 58 Closing Remarks Speech of the Devil It's especially important to keep your remarks brief when closing a meeting. People are ready to leave, so you don't want to hold them up any longer than necessary. As the head weenie at any roast, your job isn't over until you have adjourned the meeting. In so doing, your speech should express thanks for the audience's interest and cooperation, and then bid them a cordial good-bye. This is explained in detail in Chapter 22. Court Testimony Giving testimony in court is a type of informative speaking. As a witness, your job is to give facts and evidence from which judges, juries, or committee members will draw conclusions. See Chapter 20 for a list of rules that a witness should follow when giving testimony in court.