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Chapter 14. Time to Outline > The All-Purpose Outline - Pg. 114

Time to Outline 114 2. Reason or example B. Second subordinating idea 1. Reason or example 2. Reason or example · Third, write each of the specific points you intend to cover. Study this model: I. Tennis is one of the best sports to play. A. Provides all-around exercise. 1. Improve cardiovascular system. 2. Build agility and stamina. B. Is enjoyable. 1. Make new friends. 2. Feel invigorated and refreshed. · Finally, revise, reword, and rearrange your ideas. Go back over your outline to make sure that items are parallel and logical. See if every item is in the correct place and is subordinated prop- erly. And make sure that you have sufficient support for each of the statements you have inclu- ded. The All-Purpose Outline One size doesn't fit all when it comes to outlines--but in many instances it can come close. Below is a sample outline form. You can adapt it to suit the special needs of your audience, purpose, and thesis.