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Chapter 14. Time to Outline > Recipe for a Great Outline - Pg. 113

Time to Outline B. Second subordinate idea 1. Supporting evidence 2. Supporting evidence 113 Encores and Exits You can use computers to help you organize your research into a speech outline. All the major software com- panies have programs available that you can use to write outlines. They're nifty because they enable you to move ideas around quickly, resulting in better-organized speeches. On the Straight and Narrow: Use Parallel Structure Make all ideas grammatically parallel. This means that they should be in the same form, such as all phrases or all sentences. Further, all the phrases (or sentences) should be in the same form, such as all adjectives, all adverbs, or all gerunds (- ing forms). Here's what I mean: No-No A. B. Using earplugs. (gerund) To avoid excessive noise. (infinitive)