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Chapter 14. Time to Outline > Outline Rules - Pg. 109

Time to Outline 109 Key Word Outline In contrast, the key word outline provides trigger words rather than complete sentences. Every main idea and supporting detail is reduced to a key word or phrase that the speaker can remember more easily. Preparing and then skimming this type of outline can help you fix the structure and content of your speech firmly in your mind. While it does not offer as much detail as the full-content outline, it can be prepared in much less time. Note Card Outline You can also create an outline from your note cards. As you speak, you use your note cards as the outline. This type of outline works best in informal speaking situations that don't require a fully written speech. They're also well-suited for experienced speakers. Outline Rules On the road for one of his lecture tours, Mark Twain went into a barber shop. "You picked a good time to come, stranger," the barber said. "Mark Twain's going to give a speech tonight. I suppose you'll go?" "Oh, I guess so," Twain replied. "Have you got a ticket?" the barber asked. "Not yet," Twain said. "Then you'll have to stand. Everything is sold out."