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Part: 6 The Moment of Truth > Word Power Glossary - Pg. 276

276 Appendix A. Word Power Glossary Anecdote A brief story, often used by speakers to illustrate their point. Articulation A way to form sounds. Effective articulation results in clear, crisp consonants and vowels that are easy to understand. Audience The people a speaker addresses; the listeners. Body The middle of the speech, the section that develops the main idea and supports it with suitable examples, details, and illustrations. Body language A series of purposeful gestures that reinforce or show what you want to say. Chair The person who runs a meeting. Chronological order A way to organize a speech. The information is arranged in the order of time, from the first to the last. Cliché A comparison or other phrase that has become stale through overuse. Communication The social process by which people in a specific situation construct meaning using symbolic behavior. Conclusion The last part of the speech, where the speaker's main points are summarized and reempha- sized. Connotation A word's overtones; the special meanings that it carries within a culture. Credibility The speaker's believability.