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Part: 6 The Moment of Truth > Word Power Glossary - Pg. 278

Word Power Glossary 278 Narrative A story or anecdote meant to inform or entertain. Oral interpretation The art of reading a selection aloud to communicate emotion or ideas. Perception The process we use to derive meaning from sensory data. Persuasive speech A type of speech that attempts to move the audience to action or belief. Pitch The highness or lowness of a sound. It is determined by the frequency of vocal waves. Post hoc ergo hoc ("After this therefore because of this") The mistaken belief that one thing was caused by another. It is a type of logical fallacy. Prejudice A preconceived judgment or opinion about a person or a group. Public communication Communication with a large group; one member talks while the rest of the group listens. Rate The speed of speech. Reasoning backward A logical fallacy whereby people assume that since members of a particular group share com- mon qualities, anyone with those qualities must belong to the group. Rehearsal