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Part: 6 The Moment of Truth > Word Power Glossary - Pg. 277

Word Power Glossary 277 Criteria The standards by which something is evaluated. Culture Culture is generally passed down through the generations. Deduction A process of reasoning whereby a conclusion is derived from a general rule. Denotation A word's dictionary meaning; its definition. Diaphragm The muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen. Controlling the diaphragm results in good breath control. Empathic listening A type of listening that strives to provide the speaker with emotional support. Eulogy A speech given in praise of a person. Eulogies are often delivered at funerals, although they can also be given at testimonial dinners. Evaluative listening A type of listening that strives to assist in decision-making. Evidence Details, examples, facts, statistics, and other data that supports the speaker's thesis. Eye contact Making direct visual contact with members of the audience. Feedback