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Chapter 11. The Life of the Party: Speak... > Share and Share Alike - Pg. 85

The Life of the Party: Speaking to Entertain 85 Besides, speech writers are a thrifty lot; you'll find that any extra material, like leftover Thanksgiving turkey, rarely goes to waste. Put it in your speech-writing freezer or folder. That way, you'll have a stock of items to draw on the next time you're asked to give an entertaining speech. As you're researching, don't panic about organization (yet). Instead, jot down the following infor- mation: · · · · Facts about the sponsoring group. Anecdotes from news stories, TV, radio. Events from fact or fiction. Good, non-offensive jokes. Always err on the side of caution: Never insult anyone. Then zero in on the specifics. Get statistics, quotations, names, dates, and places. Ask yourself the following questions to make sure you've been thorough: Did I look at high-interest newspapers? (Don't shun those supermarket tabloids: They contain some great stories that are perfect for entertaining speeches. Even some of the headlines can work, such as "Headless Body Found in Topless Bar.") Did I look at family, club, or the organization's photo albums for ideas for anecdotes? Did I skim magazines that match the audience's interests for information on the topic? Did I call friends for information? How about audience members? Are there any other sources I can use? Speech of the Devil