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Chapter 11. The Life of the Party: Speak... > Doing the Heavy Lifting - Pg. 83

The Life of the Party: Speaking to Entertain 83 · Optimistic.This is not the time to share your personal problems, paint a gloomy picture of the present, or offer dire predictions for the future. Keep it light. Speech of the Devil While the interjection of a serious note in an entertaining speech can serve as a much-needed anchor, the seriousness should never be allowed to dominate. Keep the purpose of your speech firmly in mind: to entertain. · Uncomplicated.Remember, people have come to be entertained. Don't make your audience strain to get your point. Develop your speech around one or two points that they can easily grasp. · Enlivened with anecdotes.Avoid stale, familiar jokes. I recommend humorous anecdotes drawn from your own experience, about the guest of honor, or concerning the purpose of the speech. For example, a colleague once gave a very funny speech about me by parodying my spring/ summer/winter/fall allergies. Every other anecdote was accompanied by a blast of sneezes and a flurry of tissues. Class Act