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Chapter 11. The Life of the Party: Speak... > Playing the Crowd - Pg. 82

The Life of the Party: Speaking to Entertain 82 Not all speeches deal with "big," serious issues. In fact, many speeches are designed to be enter- taining and ceremonial. These presentations occur at club meetings, dinners, parties, graduations, awards ceremonies, holidays, and ribbon cuttings--all our social rituals. Knowing how to give a good entertaining speech is a key element in your public and personal life. In Chapter 8, "Types of Speeches," you learned that speeches that entertain do more than entertain: They also create social cohesion by generating good feelings. In this chapter, you'll learn the skills you need to speak effectively at a ceremonial occasion. Playing the Crowd Speeches that entertain are not the same as talks that inform or persuade. For one, speeches that entertain are usually much shorter than the other two types of speeches. In addition, they often take a more personal approach. Always start your entertaining speech by assessing your audience. This is crucial because on these occasions, your listeners are not there to learn or be convinced: They're gathered to have a good time. Think about what topic and content will ensure that the audience gets what they came for. Consider their likes and dislikes. Reflect on their level of sophistication. Class Act