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Chapter 19. Taking the Show on the Road:... > Vive la Difference - Pg. 154

Taking the Show on the Road: Multicultural Concerns and International 154 Speeches Experts agree: To succeed in America today and in international business, you need an under- standing of other cultures, beliefs, and patterns of acceptable behavior. Communicating with people from other cultures and in other countries is crucial if you want to manage a multicultural workforce or do business abroad. In this chapter, you'll learn how to avoid these blunders while also learning how to make speeches that meet the needs of international audiences--both at home and abroad. Vive la Difference In the past, Americans used the metaphor of the "melting pot" to describe the assimilation of different cultures into the whole. Today, the metaphor has become a "mosaic" or "quilt" to more accurately reflect the country's cultural diversity. Take this test to find out how attuned you are to successful intercultural communication. Check the items that apply to you, then score your test by giving yourself one point for each question you checked. Yes No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Are you aware that your values are influenced by your culture? Do you think your values are not necessarily the "right" values? Are you flexible and open to change? Are you sensitive to nonverbal clues? Are you knowledgeable about the values, beliefs, and