Taking the Show on the Road: Multicultural Concerns and International 161 Speeches · What was the nature of your training? · Did you ever live in this foreign country? · What are your teachers' credentials? · How long have you been a translator? · How often do you work? · What types of materials do you feel most comfortable translating? · What were your last three translating jobs? Request specific details: length of assignments, types of materials, clients, fees, and so on. · Have you ever translated speeches within my particular industry or field? · Why do you want this job? · What do you see as your complete role as a translator? · What references can you offer? The Least You Need to Know · The world is changing--be there or be square. · It's easy to make a big boo-boo when you're addressing multicultural or international groups. Check and recheck your speech for possible blunders. · It's crucial that you learn the traditions, attitudes, and beliefs of the people you deal with at home and abroad. · Use a competent translator to help you deal with speeches in other languages. · It's a small world after all.