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Chapter 19. Taking the Show on the Road:... > Stroll Through the Cultural Minefiel... - Pg. 158

Taking the Show on the Road: Multicultural Concerns and International 158 Speeches Even British and American English can involve translation bloopers because the two languages often use different terms to convey the same meaning. Many people in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean have learned British English, not American English. Study this chart to avoid em- barrassment in a language closer to home: American English Legal holiday White-collar job Attorney in non-court work Attorney who goes to court Ground floor Elevator Hood British English Bank holiday Black-coat job Solicitor Barrister First floor Lift Bonnet Shop 'Til You Drop? Shopping signs overseas can make it tricky for even the most intrepid mall-crawler: · In a Hong Kong supermarket:"For your convenience, we recommend courteous, efficient self- service." Class Act