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Chapter 15. Start at the Very Beginning,... > Greetings from the Home Team - Pg. 119

Start at the Very Beginning, A Very Good Place to Start The German Philosophy Club? The Nixon Club? The Peter Pan Club? The Quarterback Club? The Compulsive Rhymers Club? The Pregnancy Club? The Procrastinator's Club? The Self-Esteem Builders? I. Kant. Pardon me? Never. Never I'll pass Okey-dokey Conceivably Maybe next week They wouldn't accept me 119 One of the easiest and most effective ways to open a speech is with a question. People immediately begin to frame an answer, and then are likely to listen closely to your speech to see if their answer matches yours. Public speakers use this opening a lot because it works well. Effective questions often set up a mini-mystery and provide a personal touch. Here's how they do it. Who Done It? It's a good idea to open with a question that leaves the audience wondering what the answer is. Here's one that a motivational speaker used at a marketing seminar: "There's a buzz in this room, an electric charge in the air. I've spoken at a lot of meetings, and I'm never wrong about this. Can you feel the power? The high voltage excitement? What is it?" The answer? "Conviction." In addition to pumping up the audience members, this opening also flattered them.